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Our Sitecore Maintenance & Support Services

Sitecore Application Support

Sitecore Application Support

We provide comprehensive Sitecore application support, ensuring your digital solutions remain secure, updated, and optimized for peak performance.

Sitecore 24x7 Technical Support

Sitecore 24×7 Technical Support

With our 24/7 Sitecore support service, we assure uninterrupted performance and swift issue resolution, keeping your digital operations smooth.

Sitecore Support

Sitecore Platform Support

Our company offers comprehensive Sitecore platform support, ensuring your digital presence remains seamless, secure, and optimized for peak performance.

Sitecore Infrastructure Support

Sitecore Infrastructure Support

Enhance your Sitecore environment with our infrastructure support, fine-tuning performance, fortifying security, and enabling scalability.

Sitecore SEO

Sitecore SEO Support

Boost your Sitecore website’s search engine performance with our SEO support. We optimize content and structure for higher rankings.

Sitecore Development Support

Sitecore Development Support

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our Sitecore development support, offering ongoing enhancements and maintenance.

Why Choose Us For
Sitecore Maintenance & Support Services?

Realize the full potential of your Sitecore CMS by ensuring its continuous performance, reliability, and security. Our Sitecore maintenance services are designed to support your ongoing digital success and enable you to deliver personalized content experiences that captivate and engage your users.

  • We measure your website and app’s performance and monitor website requests.

  • We provide complete support to manage content architecture and language versioning.

  • We provide support for regular version upgrades or software updates and maintain configurations.

  • Sitecore Support Services help maintain the security of your Sitecore websites and applications.

Need Assistance Maintain Your Sitecore Websites?

Get affordable end-to-end Sitecore support and maintenance services from the leading Sitecore development company in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We sign an NDA as a promise to keep your information safe in our hands. We strictly comply with NDA, and we never disclose your project information to anyone without your consent.

Yes, certainly. We can help you upgrade the UI/UX design of your existing Sitecore websites and applications.

We monitor your website performance regularly and alert downtime. We maintain SLAs and also monitor your site’s uptime.

Sourceved is a top Sitecore development services company with over seven years of experience in the industry. We hold a professional team of Sitecore developers that are experts in creating, deploying, and integrating Sitecore solutions. You can rely on our Sitecore tools and technologies expertise to launch and maintain scalable and robust websites and mobile apps.

We allow our clients to hire dedicated Sitecore developers through three flexible hiring models. The full-time model allows clients to hire programmers and coders to work dedicatedly on their projects. The part-time and hourly models enable hiring for specific hours.


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