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Our Sitecore Ordercloud Services

personalized shopping

Personalized Shopping

Discover personalized shopping through our Sitecore OrderCloud service, where we refine product recommendations, pricing, and promotions for your customers.

fulfillment automation

Fulfillment Automation

Our fulfillment automation service streamlines orders with Supplier Order Management, varied order types, payment options, email alerts, and OMS integration.

omnichannel integration

Omni-Channel Integration

Our developers specialize in Omni Channel Integration, uniting your sales and communication channels for a seamless, efficient customer experience.

platform extensibility

Platform Extensibility

Enhance your e-commerce platform with our Sitecore OrderCloud Extensibility services for a tailored and efficient experience that aligns with your business and customer needs.

headless api

Headless API

Our team creates flexible, personalized Headless Commerce with Sitecore OrderCloud’s commerce capabilities, decoupling front-end from back-end across digital channels.

security and compliance

Security and Compliance

Our Sitecore developers excel in securing your e-commerce platform, ensuring GDPR and HIPAA compliance while delivering a seamless experience.

Want to avail of our Sitecore OrderCloud Services?

Sourceved technologies is the top Sitecore development company with a proficient team of vetted Sitecore developers. Call us now to build an efficient eCommerce platform using Sitecore OrderCloud. 

Why Should Opt For Sitecore Ordercloud Services?

Choosing Sitecore OrderCloud services is your key to achieving e-commerce excellence. With our expertise, you gain access to a powerful platform that streamlines order management, enhances customer engagement, and drives growth. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing your e-commerce operations and embrace a solution that empowers you to create seamless, personalized shopping experiences.

  • Deep expertise and experience with Sitecore solutions, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Tailored solutions to align precisely with your unique business needs and branding.

  • Offering clear pricing structures and open project communication for enhanced planning and budgeting.

  • Access to comprehensive data analytics, empowering informed strategic choices.

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems, streamlining operations effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It improves order management, scalability, and customization for a seamless e-commerce experience.

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring consistency across operations.

Yes, Sitecore OrderCloud supports multi-channel sales, allowing businesses to manage orders and provide a consistent experience across various channels, including web, mobile, and more.

Sitecore OrderCloud is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to meet their specific needs. This includes custom workflows, product catalogs, pricing structures, and more.

Sitecore OrderCloud provides comprehensive support options and training resources. This includes documentation, online resources, and support services to assist clients in effectively implementing and using the platform.


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